How to record a screen in Android 4.4 Kikat by Google



Lumia Black Udpate

Lumia Black Update is available in India for Lumia 520, 625, 720, 820, 920, 925 & 1020. Lumia 620 & 720 is still waiting for the same.

If you have any of the above listed phone, then check it now and update your phone.



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Ergo for Android

Now you can unlock your smart phone by placing it in your ear via Ergo. Ergo provides a biometric authentication of ear and unlock your smart phone.

First, you need to scan your ear by placing a phone at the center of your ear, this application capture various points as per your ear and later you can unlock your phone by just placing it in your ear.

That’s interesting.



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DisplAir – Play with Air

DisplAir is a projector that projects your screen in Air and the best part is the screen is also interactive, which means we can play with the screen in Air. That’s cool right.



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Play and win Micromax Mad phone by Micromax

Micromax has launched a new game in which you can win a Micromax Mad phone by simply guessing the right add.

Micro 1


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Android vs Windows vs iOS

Many people think many times before buying a phone and it mainly involves 2 things first is budget & second is platform. So i thought i should write my own experience here to solve some queries of people who are mainly really confused while choosing platform.



1) Very good in terms of touch and look

2) Many games and Apps available

3) Friendly to use, not complicated like other platforms

4) Performance & battery life are also good


1) Devices are costlier

2) No custom ROM’s for iOS devices

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12Hours clock for Android

Found anew beautiful clock widget with eye catching design



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