Android vs Windows vs iOS

Many people think many times before buying a phone and it mainly involves 2 things first is budget & second is platform. So i thought i should write my own experience here to solve some queries of people who are mainly really confused while choosing platform.



1) Very good in terms of touch and look

2) Many games and Apps available

3) Friendly to use, not complicated like other platforms

4) Performance & battery life are also good


1) Devices are costlier

2) No custom ROM’s for iOS devices

3) Fully dependent on iTunes

4) All good apps and games are paid



1) Various devices available in different ranges in terms of budget

2) Platform is not restricted to any application like iTunes

3) Many games and apps available in store

4) Custom ROM’s are available


1) Heavy OS, so if you consider low budget phone – you face performance problems

2) Noivoice users or iOS users find Android a bit complicated

3) Battery drains fast



1) Look and feel are very good

2) Performance wise good phones

3) Windows platform is lighter then Android & iOS

4) Best windows phones are Lumia as of now, looks luxurious and also rough and tough

5) Sleeping screen functionality is very good which is not available in any of the platform


1) Apps and games are limited

2) Platform is restricted, no custom ROM’s are available

3) No proper Gmail app for windows

4) Tiles stopped working many times

5) No notification center

6) Many application not works like they work in Android and iOS

7) Can not store contacts in phone memory

8) Downloads or background process stops if screen locks

9) Restricted to Live account

Right now I can say Android platform is much better then any other available in market as we can play with it in different ways and there is no restrictions and it worked perfectly in a mid range phones also.

I have not covered Blackberry and Symbian, as we all know right now they are not in much demand.

New platforms are also coming like Sailfish, Tizen and Firefox. Have to wait to see how good they are.

I hope this will help you while you if you are planning to purchase a new phone, You can also share your views in comment section.


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