Yandex shell updated, looks like similar to SPB shell 3D

The latest update in Yandex shell make it very similar to SPB shell 3D.

Now you can view you screen in caraousel, widets appears in 3D and much more.



Screenshot_2013-06-07-08-46-27 Screenshot_2013-06-07-08-46-53 Screenshot_2013-06-07-08-47-51 Screenshot_2013-06-07-08-53-02


Also yandex will not eat your RAM like other launchers, I am using the same in my GTI9100 and not faced any RAM problem after installing Yandex

So if want SPB shell 3D but because of its price you don’t have then you can try Yandex its Free.

I will say this is a must try application for Android.

Click here to download Yandex shell



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