Buzz Launcher Beta for Android

As you know there are lot of launchers are available for Android and all have some good things. Now a new launcher is available which is Buzz launcher.



In this launcher you will not find complicated settings etc and you can apply others homes creen in your phone.

Some of the main characterstics and key features of buzz launcher are:

■ Various Homescreens(300+) provided via Homepack Buzz Service
■ Extremely simple implementation to your device within five seconds upon download.
■ Multiple social features and easy Homescreens sharing via one-touch upload
■ Create your own Homescreen with various decorating features such as “Multi-wallpapers” and “My Icons”.
■ Try our Unique widget features- clock, date, battery widgets, and “create my own widget” feature provided via Buzz Custom Widget.
■ Compatible with ‘Minimalistic Text’
■ MULTI-WALLPAPER SCREEN: You can select different wallpaper images from your gallery for each screen
■ MY ICON: an icon editing tool is provided so you can edit and resize icons on your own. Transparent icons are also supported (Theme icon pack is to be supported)
■ MULTI-GRID: you can designate different grids for each screen (up to 12×12)
■ MANAGE FOLDERS: you can make folders in app drawers/Homescreen, modify folder image, and resize folders
■ MANAGE APPS: features for viewing most frequently used apps, recently installed apps, and hiding apps
■ MANAGE APP DRAWERS: Screen concept is applied to app drawers so you can manage apps by screens
■ GESTURE SUPPORT: Glide up, Glide down, Double tab and more.
■ Previewing is supported for various view settings

If you like it then you can download it from Google store or click here, Its Free.





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