JoikuShare for Android

JoikuShare is an application by which you can easily share and transfer your phone photos, music, videos and files with other WiFi devices and friends.




You can set password and make transfer your files in control.

This is how JoikuShare works:
1. Make sure your phone is connected to a WiFi network or turn on your phone’s WiFi HotSpot.
2. Open JoikuShare app and tap “Start Sharing”.
3. Make sure the other devices you wish to share your phone files with are in the same WiFi network as your phone.
4. Login to JoikuShare with any device web browser, with the local web url provided by the JoikuShare app. Friends can login with the Friend Password and phone owner with the Admin password.
5. You are now ready to share, download, upload, play and view all your chosen phone media and files.
6. When sharing is done, just tap “Stop Sharing” and WiFi sharing stops.

You can download the application from Google store for Free or click here



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