fun2drive application for Android by BOSCH

fun2drive application will provide you almost all details of your car in your smartphone like Vehicle speed, Engine power, Torque and Fuel consumption and share with your friends on Facebook. Also, compare your car’s actual performance with its rated performance!



Some of the features of the Bosch fun2drive app:

View the following live data from your engine:
Vehicle speed
Engine power
Engine temperature
Fuel pressure
Engine load
Throttle position
Ambient pressure
Ambient temperature

If you have installed an application and if its not working then read below points and check:

Some features of the app need your car to be OBD II compliant.
This can easily be found out by the model year of the car:
Europe: after 2001
USA: after 1996
Asia: most cars after 2009

You also need a OBD II adapter (Bluetooth) which can be easily bought online through popular online stores. Please make sure, that the adapter contains the original ELM chip.
Working with non-genuine OBD adapters may lead to reduced app stability.
An OBD II communication adapter is a compact communication module which is connected to the OBD socket of the car. The data between the adapter and the fun2drive app is transferred via a Bluetooth connection.

You can download it application from Google play or click here


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