Slim ROM 4.2.2 is now available for Android devices

Slim ROM 4.2.2 is now available for Android devices


If you are using a custom ROM other then Slim Rom then you must try this ROM, as its the lightest ROM available till now which will occupy only 80BM (Excluding GApps)

The SlimROMs team has now released the new Android 4.2.2 based SlimBean 4.2.2 Build 1 for more than 20 devices. It can be downloaded now from the link given below and requires full wipe if you are coming from Android 4.2.1 based versions due to the code-change.

Change log:

  • Full JDQ39 (4.2.2) base
  • Replaced cLock with Shiny new ‘DashClock’
  • Added slide before unlock
  • Bring back long press to toggle PW
  • MMS: Add Quick emoji to text input
  • Phone: Set my phone number
  • Added full hardware key rebinding (home+menu+back)
  • Added Kill App/Expand Notification Shade/Toggle Expanded Desktop to hardware binds
  • Fully configurable advanced reboot toggle
  • Enhance circle battery and clock
  • Camera: Add software HDR mode
  • Calendar: Add snooze to events
  • Enhance T9 and search
  • Settings: Add forget all networks to WiFi
  • Notification: Limit notification sounds for interval
  • Camera: Add animation to mode switch
  • Sound: Add configurable volume adjust sounds
  • Notification: Add custom carrier text
  • Enhance electron beam control
  • Tons and tons of more fixes and optimizations
  • And a little surprise for the savvy ones

Please visit the source link to download the ROM and GApps, if you are interested to install.

Note: Install custom ROM at your own risk



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