Google campus gets new Chrome Bugdroid statue

Typically when a new Android statue arrives on Google’s campus, it’s coupled with an official announcement of the new version of Android.

We’ve seen the Jelly Bean statue as it arrives, the Ice Cream Sandwich,Honeycomb, Gingerbread, and Froyo statues too, all around the time that the Android team drops new code on us.

Yesterday’s statue included no such party, though the Android community manager that posted it sure teased the hell out of us. 🙂



The above pictured was posted to G+ this afternoon with the quote “A new version of Android has been released!”

Still, it’s a nice statue, and set in a very interesting spot coming out of the side of building 45. The other Android statues are on the lawn in front of building 44. If it does mean anything more, it seems likely that we’ll have to wait until Google I/O to find out more.

Source: +Paul Wilcox ,Via: Droid Life


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