Mobio Go, Pivot & Grip for mobiles & tablet

Mobio Go, Pivot & Grip for mobiles & tablet, we all have mobile phones and some time times we want it to stick to one place or while driving we like to put our phone to dashboard and screen.

Mobio luanched 3 accessories to solve this problem


Mobio Grip:


Mobio Grip uses:

– In-hand or on-table use
– For holding tablets securely
– Making presentations
– Viewing photos or video
– Emailing, sharing, everything
– Travel––fits in your pocket

Mobio Pivot:



Mobio Pivot uses:

– Taking pictures
– Shooting video
– Skype and FaceTime
– Playing games
– Reading books
– Making presentations
– Viewing photos
– Watching videos
– Cooking with recipes
– Waking up to music

Mobio Go:



Mobio Go uses:

– Talk handsfree for safer driving
– Play music in the car
– Read maps
– Select phone numbers
– Make phone calls
– Keep your phone within reach
– Vertical or horizontal viewing



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